Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Matsutec HP-33A 4.3" marine GPS AIS transponder

I bought Huaygang Tech in Hong Kong for £270 + import duty. It still seems a bargain as it is a 50 channel GPS and a class B AIS transponder. There is a video of it being opened on You Tube, and you can see the specs on Huaygang's Alibaba site . Obviously I did not buy it on Alibaba - I ordered it directly and paid by PayPal. Excellent

I tested it at home and the set up was quite simple. The MMSI number went in and was saved (without any "are you sure" type of message). The GPS fixed the position of my house within about 1m, and that was with the antenna on the window ledge so it did not see many satellites. It was giving out short bursts on the AIS VHF channel every few minutes, as I could see on my Ham radio, but my attempt to decode them with ShipPlotter failed. I am not sure why but these type of things can be a bit tricky to set up. The Tx Rx indicators on the AIS display did not change so I am not sure what they do. They were small grey circles and I expect they should flash in colour. I then took the unit to Conwy Marina for testing aboard Tui. I plugged the PL259 from the main mast antenna in the HP-33 A, and used an emergency antenna on my Standard Horizon MX2100 VHF and AIS receiver. As expected I did not show up on the MX2100 display as the same MMSI is programmed in so it knows it is me. I then put my AIS Man Over Board SART in test mode and that shows up nicely on the unit. It comes up in red even though it says it is a test.
  I then tried to see if Tui showed up on Marine Traffic web site, but she did not. Actually the Wifi and 3G signal were both very poor in the marina so this was difficult. There were no other AIS transponders within range of either my HP-33A or MX2100, although Marine Traffic showed some ships further out to sea. Actually the Marine Traffic web site says it does not have coverage in Conwy.

I ran in to the crew of a 39 foot sloop Testa Rossa also berthed in Conwy, and asked them if I showed up on their AIS. It turns out that I did.

It is strange that the beam says 7ft. The set up menu of the HP-33A indicates the distance of the GPS antenna from the port or starboard side of the boat, but it assumes it is a ship with parallel sides. Interestingly Testa Rossa does show up on Marine Traffic in Conwy Marina. They could also see the ships further out on AIS. I presume this is a combination of Testa Rossa having a taller mast (I presume they are using a splitter and their main mast antenna) as she is a sloop rather than a ketch, and being further away from land so maybe having a clearer view.Note the position is correct down to the correct berth in the marina.

So far it the unit is pretty impressive. The next step is a permanent installation including connection the NMEA output. Also I am intrigued by the method of uploading and downloading waypoints and tracks. Instead of using proprietary software it just spits ASCII files down a serial port. I think I quite like that approach as it is very flexible but we will see how we get on with that. I am planning to put a whip antenna on the mizzen mast, that way it serves as a back up antenna for the VHF as well.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alibaba and the Identity Theives

I tried to buy something on a Chinese web site called Alibaba.com (well AliExpress). This web sites tries to get suppliers in China to be able to sell directly to world wide buyers. Not everything there is a scam, and if it is too good to be true it probably is. I tried to pay by credit card and it seemed to go through. Then I got this

Dear William
Thank you for shopping on AliExpress ! Unfortunately, your payment could not be verified and Order No. XXXXXXXX has been closed for security reasons.Please be assured that the payment for this order was not deducted by AliExpress.
To avoid order cancellation, please follow the below steps to submit a claim:
1.Sign in to AliExpress
2.Go to My Orders and locate this order
3.Click “View Details”
4.Click “Want to Claim”
5.Submit the following documents:
 •A copy of your personal ID or passport if you used a personal card for the transaction or a copy of your business  registration if you used a business card
 •A copy of both sides of the card used
 •A copy of the bank statement for the card used

Well the only reason I can think tht anyone would want a copy of your passport and credit card is for identity theft.  So no Ali Baba and the  40 Identity Theives. No way I am falling for that!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

A company called Ardent Credit Services in Liverpool emailed me with quite an elaborate and convincing phishing scam claiming to be collecting a debt to Vodafone. They followed it up with a very convincing letter. As Vodafone confirm I do not owe them any money, and they are sure they have not passed my details in to a debt collection agency, its a pretty bold scam.   I am not sure where they have got my details from but I wonder if this fraud is widespread? 

I have reported the attempted fraud to the Police on their very helpful web site http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ and I would encourage readers to do the same.

A copy of the letter reproduced below. I wonder if the bank account at HSBC (402908 93891100) does belong to Ardent or if the scammers are actually nothing to do with Ardent and have set up that account as part of the scam?  I wonder if Ardent really does have an Andy Stanton (who signs using a strange font)?

More info about scams claiming to be vodafone here

Anyone else have a similar scam directed at them?

Friday, February 15, 2013

McMurdo Smartfind S10/ Standard Horizon Matrix GX2100 AIS

I have just bought a Standard Horizon Marine VHF transceiver GX2100E which has an integrated AIS receiver. Lets see how the McMurdo Smartfind S10 Man Overboard AIS beacon looks on this in test mode.  This is a bench test and we are far from the sea. On the right here is the display with VHF channel, GPS display and the AIS position display

The beacon goes in to active test mode by turning the handle to test and holding it a few seconds. The strobe light flashes and I took it outside. After about 30s it acquired a GPS fix and the light goes in to a pattern of groups of three flashes

Here is how it looks on the AIS display of the radio. The MMSI of the beacon starts with 97 indicates it is a beacon (I am not yet sure if the MMSI needs to be registered on the ships radio (OfCOM) license or with the MCA as EPIRBS have to be. It did not trigger an alarm, but as it is in test mode it presumably looks just like a ship.

As it has an MMSI the radio thinks you can call it. You can send a DSC alert but that will not do anything as far as I know.  The MMSI is built in the device, unlike radios where you have to apply for one and have it registered.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Find a better way

Amazing fund raising day yesterday for our land mine clearance charity Find a Better Way at Lloyds of London. Great support from about a dozen iconic figures in sport led by Sir Bobby Charlton and including Mark Spitz and Ian Botham, and donations mainly from companies and individuals in the insurance industry totalling £1m. Pictures to follow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My brother Kindle Published

I will read my brother's new novel I am a Liar, Jim is our King as soon as I can work out how to download it on my wife's Kindle....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

EPSOn DX5000 Gutenprint stripes

So my wife has an EPSON DX5000 inkjet printer. It worked fine on photocopys and printing from a memory card, but using the Gutenprint driver on her Mac it printed photos with lines or stripes on.

It turns out that in the print menu setting Printer Features Extra 2
Print Direction->Unidirectional and maybe Interleave to Alternate Fill fixed the problem.

Wife and daughter happy printing photos now.

I think the DX5000 is called a CX5000 in the US.