Thursday, October 03, 2013

A company called Ardent Credit Services in Liverpool emailed me with quite an elaborate and convincing phishing scam claiming to be collecting a debt to Vodafone. They followed it up with a very convincing letter. As Vodafone confirm I do not owe them any money, and they are sure they have not passed my details in to a debt collection agency, its a pretty bold scam.   I am not sure where they have got my details from but I wonder if this fraud is widespread? 

I have reported the attempted fraud to the Police on their very helpful web site and I would encourage readers to do the same.

A copy of the letter reproduced below. I wonder if the bank account at HSBC (402908 93891100) does belong to Ardent or if the scammers are actually nothing to do with Ardent and have set up that account as part of the scam?  I wonder if Ardent really does have an Andy Stanton (who signs using a strange font)?

More info about scams claiming to be vodafone here

Anyone else have a similar scam directed at them?