Friday, January 16, 2015

AdSense Broken!

I thought I would try adsense, thinking perhaps if Bill's Stuff had a few ads and folks clicked on them Bill l could buy more Stuff. Surely that is easy!

No. It is completely broken. I went in to Blogger dashboard for this Blog and clicked on "Earnings", then AdSense. You get a cute and largely pointless video and a graphic pretending to say how easy it is with just  three steps Sign Up, Set Up, Earn Money . The first step is a friendly Orange button saying "Sign up for AdsSense"

That Orange Button does not do anything. Clicking on it results in "Loading", then nothing.

It tried it on other Blogs (that I did not want ads on). For example Tui's My Oyster. That worked - in that I got as far as signing up at which point it asks you to wait for approval. It was dissaproved as not having enough content.

Now going to I can see

The account associated with publisher ID ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxhas been disapproved. Learn more

...however the text box that is meant to change which blog I am trying to add ads to is not editable, so I can't change to  different blog.

I have seen many forum posts with the same problem, and suggestions such as switching off ad block or using a different browser, but of course tehse do not work as the button does work for one blog.

I suspect what might be going on is that the other blogs have been running for years and   there is some bug in Google's software for older blogs.

I have submitted several error reports but so far Google is silent on this issue...

I would be interested to hear if you have the same issue (but please be patient as I have to check back to approve comments) would be ironic if I could make an advert for Google AdSense appear in the right side bar!

Here is one example of a Forum post on what seems to be the same issue.  I have a discussion here (so far no help) Here is a video so you can see the problem


Blogger Unknown said...

I completely agree with you! My youtube page shows my actual earnings being over $900 and after Youtube took their percentage my cut is a bit over $500. My channel gets a lot of views and has quite a big amount of subscribers so there is activity all the time. When I go to adsense it states no earnings recently and last month it only said I earned $58.00!! The page is completely broken and if it screws me this month I will be taking this issue to the streets. In my eyes it is unfair to make sure they get their cut but then decide to negate mine!

2:53 PM  

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