Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alibaba and the Identity Theives

I tried to buy something on a Chinese web site called (well AliExpress). This web sites tries to get suppliers in China to be able to sell directly to world wide buyers. Not everything there is a scam, and if it is too good to be true it probably is. I tried to pay by credit card and it seemed to go through. Then I got this

Dear William
Thank you for shopping on AliExpress ! Unfortunately, your payment could not be verified and Order No. XXXXXXXX has been closed for security reasons.Please be assured that the payment for this order was not deducted by AliExpress.
To avoid order cancellation, please follow the below steps to submit a claim:
1.Sign in to AliExpress
2.Go to My Orders and locate this order
3.Click “View Details”
4.Click “Want to Claim”
5.Submit the following documents:
 •A copy of your personal ID or passport if you used a personal card for the transaction or a copy of your business  registration if you used a business card
 •A copy of both sides of the card used
 •A copy of the bank statement for the card used

Well the only reason I can think tht anyone would want a copy of your passport and credit card is for identity theft.  So no Ali Baba and the  40 Identity Theives. No way I am falling for that!


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