Sunday, January 08, 2006

Vegan shoes

As I am a vegan people often ask me about what shoes I wear. Of course you can get cheap non-leather shoes from ordinary shoe shops but they only last about 6 months of continual use before the plastic splits. Currently I wear shoes made of Lorica, a man made microfibrous material which shares many characteristics of leather. It is light, breathable, waterproof, elastic and flexible. The shoes are made by a small specialist shop in Sheffield called Guat Shoes. While they are not exactly individually made they aare very close. If you bring your feet along to her shop, the shoemaker is happy to adjust the fitting of a standard design. Mine are a couple of years old and the soles will soon need replacing but the uppers have not deterorated at all.

For walking I usually wear a pair of "Bridgedale Dryboots". These are completely waterproof and have lasted for years. They are ideal for walking in the boggy wet terain of Derbyshire or the Lake District, but they have also served me well for example in the Rocky Mountains. It it was very hot and dry they might get a bit sweaty but I have not found it a problem.


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