Saturday, August 05, 2006

iRiver H120D multi-format juke box

I recently aquired an iRiver HD120D juke box. Mainly it is intended for Mrs Billlion to record talks. I liked the fact that it interfaced well with Linux (readers will know that Mrs B uses a Philips X51 laptop running Mandriva), it simply mounts as a USB external drive. Other good things are that it plays ogg-vorbis files and records to mp3 from line in or internal or external microphone. Also it doesnt have digital rights management bol***ks!

The big downside is the user interface is about as bad as vi. In perticular the functions of the buttons are not consistent, it is hard to tell what state it is in (like vi).

Mrs B is very p****d off as her first attempt to record using it was unsucessful. And it was an important talk by her Tibetian Buddist teacher Lama Yeshe Losal.

I'm afraid we will either have to sell it, or perhaps try the alternative firmware RockBox.

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