Sunday, January 14, 2007


My wife Sarah Lionheart is a yoga teacher and she has been on the look out for pictures she could use in her handouts to illustrates sequences of yoga ansas (poses). Yogafont provides the answer. Simply a TrueType font where each character is a simple picture of a person in each pose. Its creator Bill Grainger has made the font freely available, with with windows and Mac versions. Both are zip files, but the windows one extracts to and exe file. So for Linux I unzipped the Mac version, and then changed yogafont.TTF to yogafont.ttf. If was then easy (at least in Mandriva 2006) to import the font for use in Linux by going to MandrivaControl centre, chooseing "system", "Manage add.. etc ...fonts", "Import" then navigate to where I had unzipped the font. It worked fine in OpenOffice writer.


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Thanks for the tip on Linux implementation! Bill Grainger!!!!

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