Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogging a mile over the Urals

I am on a Lufthansa flight from Korea to Frankfurt and the amazing thing is thanks to "Connexion by Boeing" (WP) my Sony vaio is connected to the internet via wifi and some satellites. A bit strange it is by Boeing as I am on an Airbus A340. Anyway I am taking a break from filling in on-line forms for referee's reports and stuff like that that is tedious to do and needs the internet, so a good way to while away a long flight. Any yes of course it works with linux.

It is not the fastest internet connection I have had, and it has lost the connection once in about three hours, but not bad. I tried Skype-out to call home and got the answering machine. It was a bit broken up but just about usable. Might be better to another computer running Skype. "Hello I'm on a plane".


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