Thursday, November 22, 2007

How do I get the kde printer dialogue box in soffice

I don't so much like linux, what I really like is kde. To some extent wouldnt mind if I had to switch OS to BSD or Hurd, or whatever, it is the consistent userinterface of KDE that I am most attached to.. Anyway it annoys me when I have to use applications that are not integrated with KDE. Sometimes I have to use Mozilla (yuk!) instead of konqueror for non-standard compliant web sites (ARE YOU LISTENING BLOGGER.COM I SAID NON-STANDARD!)and then you get that yukky mozilla file dialogue box to save files. Anyway I digress. OpenOffice on my Mandriva 2006 laptop is not KDE integrated, and it is ok picking up the local printer, but sometimes, especially as I use it on different networks, it is handy to go to the KDE print dialoge, which can see more printers (eg from a remote cups server).

Anyway the way to do it is with a little tool called spadmin that lets you setup kprinter as though it was another pdf converter. Full instructions for example are

Same trick could be adapted for your other non-standard print needs. Some network printers have a charming feature that they postscript files you just ftp to them, often a handy way to bypass those irritating printer queues.... maybe something like

ncftpput -c myprinteripaddress


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