Saturday, March 01, 2008

Skype not installing on Linux

Although I had it working before the last time I reinstalled Mandriva Linux 2006, this time I cannot install the old package


nor the one currently on the download site


They both have a missing Qt library
Some package requested cannot be installed:

urpmi skype-
skype- (due to unsatisfied
Continue? (Y/n)

I could nt find in any Mandriva rpm.

I seem to have got around it by downloading the static version. Listed on the Skype download website as
"linux static"

I downloaded it, unzipped it with

bzip -d skype_static-
tar xvf skype_static-

I then found that running skype_static-
complained about a missing library

urpmi libsigc++2.0_0-devel

seems to fix that. So far so good


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